Friday 24 May 2019

Water Quality Monitoring (1)

The 2017 River Report Cards Are In!

South River South Riverkeeper’s 2017 Report Card on the South River revealed that once again some underwater grasses had vanished. In 2017, the summer beds of widgeon grass vanished. Just like they did in 2013, 2011, 2010, and several other years in the past. After seeing better, longer visits from 2014-2016, the South River Federation thought that these transient beds of underwater grass could be depended on to show up every year, same time, same place, but with an increasingly large footprint. Is the diminishing water clarity in those areas the cause, or the effect of this disappearance? They've seen rising chlorophyll levels in those areas for three years in a row as well. Perhaps algae is the culprit? They may never know exactly why underwater grasses come and go, but they will continue administering the finest non-profit monitoring program in the State to search for answers. ShoreRivers: Chester River, Sassafras River, Choptank River and Miles-Wye Rivers ShoreRivers issued a series of five State of the Rivers reports: 2017 Report Cards for the Choptank, Chester, Miles, Wye, and Sassafras Rivers, as well as Eastern Bay. The River Report Cards analyze the data from their extensive water quality monitoring during 2017. Data was collected at hundreds of sites by ShoreRivers scientists, Riverkeepers, and dozens of trained volunteers.  The Chester River 2017 report card results show water quality on the Chester River was similar to recent years. The de-oxygenated dead zone is generally limited to the deepest areas of the channel during the hottest…